Promithian - Coal from the Yukon - 105,000,000 Metric Tonnes

Coal was first discovered in the Bonnet Plume Basin over a century ago. From 1977 through 1983, an extensive exploration and drilling program was conducted throughout the basin. Coal was discovered in the southern, southwestern, western, northwestern, and northern portions of the basin. The coal is primarily found in rocks of Cretaceous age within the lower Bonnet Plume formation. At least five major coal seams have been identified within the middle portion of the formation. It was determined that the southwest corner of the basin contained approximately six hundred and sixty million tonnes of in-situ high volatile, bituminous C, thermal coal. The coal in the basin is a low sulphur, low nitrogen product. The northern end of the Bonnet Plume Basin also contains approximately one billion four hundred million tonnes of lower-grade sub-bituminous and lignite coal. 

The Deslaurier Coal Deposit is located at Latitude 65 26' 12" North, Longitude 135 26' 00" West in the most extreme western portion of the Bonnet Plume Basin. The Deposit contains approximately 105,000,000 tonnes of high volatile, bituminous C, thermal coal. The deposit occurs on the west bank of the Wind River and takes the form of a 6-kilometer long by 1.5-kilometer wide hill that runs in a north-south direction parallel to the Wind River (the deposit was previously referred to as the Wind River Deposit). The deposit has a maximum relief of approximately 180 meters. The Wind River Trail, the area's access route, runs in a north-south direction approximately 25 meters from the west side of the deposit. At least three coal seams cut through the hill and are exposed along its outside perimeter. The bottom, or deepest seam, is 9.5 meters thick and dips approximately 5 degrees to the east. The seam is open to the east of the deposit.

Proximate Analysis of the clean coal from this seam is as follows:

Yield 81.6%, Moisture 3.7%, Ash 7.9%, Volatile Matter 34.3%, Fixed Carbon 53.9 %, Calorific Value 11,168 BTU/Lb. (25.97 MJ/Kg), Sulphur 0.46%, HGI (hardness) 43.6

Promithian Inc. is planning an exploration, engineering, and development project that would prove sufficient tonnage and quality of coal for a six million tonne per year mining operation that would export thermal coal into the Pacfic market.