Promithian Inc. - Reports

Coal Reports

Platts - Methodology and Specifications Guide, March 2007. This leading industry guide lists coal quality and pricing. The document highlights the worlds coal exporting ports, countries, and regions.

Driven Ever Higher - Page 75-78 September 2007 Mining Journal. This article describes the increasing demand of Coal in world markets

Railway Reports

Rails to Resources to Ports - The Alaska Canada Rail Link Project Phase 1 Feasibility Study-Executive Report, March 2007. Prepared for The Yukon Government and The State of Alaska and by ALCAN Raillink Inc., Whitehorse, Yukon.

Alaska Canada Rail Link Phase 1 Feasibility Study Research Report, March 2007. - The goal of this study is to provide enough objective information to determine the nature and extent of a business case for investment in an Alaska-Canada rail link.

Alaska Canada Rail Link Phase 1 Feasibility Study-Summary and Conclusions, March 2007. Prepared for The Yukon Government and The State of Alaska and prepared by ALCAN RaiLink Inc., Whitehorse, Yukon.

Bonnet Plume Resource Potential Reports

Strategic Overview of Possible Mineral Development Scenarios, Phase 1 Peel River Watershed Planning Region, September 2006.  Written by Gartner Lee Limited for Economic Development- Government of Yukon

Coalbed Methane Potential of the Bonnet Plume, June 2002.   Written by Barry Ryan, Ph.D.P. Geo.  This report was listed as Appendix F of the Promithian Inc. report dated July 2002. This document contains maps and spreadsheet calculations. 

Petroleum Resource Assessment of the Bonnet Plume Basin, November 2000.  This report written by P.K. Hannigan of the Geological Survey of Canada on behalf of The Government of Yukon as part of its oil & gas resources management program.  The objective of this study was to investigate the hydrocarbon resource potential of the Bonnet Plume Basin in Yukon.

Port Reports

Yukon Ports Access Strategy for Government of Yukon, Department of Economic Development - Executive Summary, June 2006.  Prepared by KPMG LLP and Gartner Lee.

Yukon Ports Access Strategy for Government of Yukon, Department of Economic Development, June 2006. Prepared by KPMG LLP and Gartner Lee.  The Yukon Ports Access Strategy Study has been undertaken in two broad phases: one aimed at understanding potential markets as well as an assessment of the current infrastructure, and the second focused on assessing identified feasible alternatives for infrastructure improvement along a number of dimensions (financial, economic, public interest, governance, etc.).


Public Interest Analysis on Ports Options, June 2006.   Prepared by Gartner Lee.

 Crest Iron Ore Reports

Crest Iron Ore Deposit Poster developed by Lara Lewis and Geoff Bradshaw of the Yukon Geological Society, and Luke Ootes of the NWT Geoscience Office 

Promithian Inc. - High Level Evaluation, July 2002.   written by Hatch & Associates.  This report outlines the high level plan that involves developing the Crest Iron Deposit and the Wind River Coalfield located in northeastern Yukon, for the purpose of a mining-steel manufacturing operation. 


Chevron Canada Resources - Snake River Iron Ore Report, 2006.  Hatch Consulting review of the Crest Iron Ore Deposit to assess the viability of developing an Iron Ore Pellet production facility.  The deposit is estimated to have in the order of 20 to 40 Billion tonnes of iron ore.  This would make it the largest undeveloped Iron deposit within a developed country and the second largest undeveloped Iron deposit in the world.

1963 Assessment Report, 1964.   This report describes the work completed by Crest Exploration Limited during the 1963-64 exploration season. This report contains maps of the Snake River Iron Ore Deposit, pictures of Iron Ore Outcropings, Diamond Drill Hole locations, and Channel Sample locations.


Ironmaking Processes and Manufacturing Reports

Environmental Benefits of Clean Coal Technologies- Topical Report 18, April 2001.  A report written by the United States Department of Energy.

Coproduction of Power, Fuels and Chemicals-Topical Report Number 21, September 2001. - A report on a program conducted jointly under cooperative agreements between: Waste Management and Processors, PTY., LLC.; Gasification Engineering Corp./Global Energy Inc.; and Texaco Energy Systems Inc.

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