Promithian Inc. - Maps


Yukon Mineral Resources and Electrical Infrastructure Map.  This map shows Promithian's Coal Licenses northwest of the Wernecke Breccia region.

Natural Resources Canada- High-resolution aeromagnetic total-field and Magnetic first-vertical-derivate maps of the Bonnet Plume Basin, Yukon (NTS 106E/SE-SW, 106E/NE-NW, 106L/SE-SW), and central Peel Plateau, N.W.T. (106K/SE-SW).

Coal License Map  A 1:250,000 topographical map of map sheet 106E developed by Access Consulting Group which displays the Wind River, Bonnet Plume River, and Illtyd Creek. Promithian's Coal Licenses are shaded in blue and the seven coal deposits are marked in red.

Peel Watershed mineral maps.  The Peel Watershed Planning Commission has developed these great maps that display the following mineral occurances.  Coal, Iron and theCrest Deposit , and General Mineral Potential